Build Your Best Smile with Oral Cancer Screenings

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Have you ever visited your dentist for an oral health care screening? If you haven’t, it is essential that you do. Every single year in America, over 42,000 individuals will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancers. Furthermore, the 5-year survival rate of those that are diagnosed is only roughly 64 percent. The key to treating and recovering from oral cancer is to find it quickly. Thus, you should regularly have your mouth checked for symptoms associated with oral cancer.

Staying up to date on your oral health care includes looking for any indications that something is amiss in your mouth. If you notice any irregular signs within your teeth and gums, such as persistent sores or patches that appear abnormal, it could be linked to oral cancer.

Additional clues to oral cancer include physical ailments, including unexplained numbness, or pain and tenderness in the facial area. Furthermore, if you constantly have a sore throat or experience difficulty chewing and swallowing, oral cancer may be the cause. Another common symptom of oral cancer is dramatic weight loss that has no reasonable explanation.

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