Enamel Erosion Can Be Prevented With Fluoride

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If you frequently struggle with tooth sensitivity to the point that it is negatively affecting the quality of your life, it could be caused by a number of dental issues. The most common cause of tooth sensitivity and its main worsening factor is the erosion of tooth enamel.

While tooth enamel is very durable, a combination of acids from food mingling with the natural bacteria in your mouth can demineralize the enamel and cause microscopic channels to form clear through to the inside of the tooth. In this case, professional fluoride treatment may be needed to restore important mineral to your tooth enamel and fortify it against erosion.

Enamel erosion places a tooth at a higher risk of tooth decay, so if you have a tooth that’s showing signs of enamel erosion, we may recommend a fluoride treatment during your routine dental checkup. This can come in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam that is applied to your smile after the dental cleaning. To allow the fluoride penetrate the tooth enamel, you may need to delay brushing your teeth for a few hours.

If you don’t have daily access to fluoride, our dentists can also provide fluoride supplements in the form of a toothpaste or mouth rinse. These should be applied to your smile every night before bed so that the fluoride saturates the tooth enamel and increases its quality.

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