Why Daily Tooth Brushing Matters

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Do you know what happens to your oral health when you skip brushing your teeth? Our dentists and team are here to warn you of the dangers of not brushing your teeth twice a day.

While it may not seem significant once in a while to fall asleep at night without brushing your teeth or to skip tooth brushing in the morning so that you aren’t late for work or school, the times that you forego brushing your teeth enable harmful plaque to build up on the tooth enamel. Choosing to not brush twice a day provides plaque the opportunity to form tooth decay in your teeth.

If you can feel a thin film on your teeth that is sticky or fuzzy, this is an indication that plaque is developing on your teeth. If not removed, it can advance into tartar and create cavities, as well as result in irritation in your gums that can become disease. If you take two minutes twice a day to brush your teeth, you can prevent the growth of bacteria and plaque and provide your smile as many health benefits as possible. Brushing not only lowers the risk of cavities, but also helps your mouth feel clean, freshens your breath, and makes your smile brighter.

While skipping toothbrushing one time doesn’t guarantee you will develop a mouthful of cavities, skipping multiples times leads to more plaque buildup. If at all possible, we encourage you to not skip tooth brushing. If you find yourself in a situation in which you can’t access the toothbrush or toothpaste, we invite you to chew a piece of sugar free gum, rinse with mouthwash, or take a breath mint—though, keep in mind that none of these products are a real substitute for tooth brushing.

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